Paris: Le Bain Hotel (France)

Le Bain Hotel

7 Rue du Bourg-l’Abbé, Paris, France

Vincent Bastie, Denis Montel / RDAI and Tristan Auer (2014-15)

Les Bains 02

Les Bains 05

In previous lives this Housmann era building located in the historic third arrondissement of Paris has been a private bathhouse for the likes of Marcel Proust and a nightclub for the rich and famous (or not) to party in.

It has now been wonderfully re-imagined, restored and redesigned as a hotel, bar and restaurant. Vincent Bastie restored and restructured the existing building with great respect and sensitivity, adding new courtyards, balconies and terraces. The sumptuous 39 hotel rooms and suites were designed by Tristan Auer, and the incredibly atmospheric bar, restaurant and associated spaces with oozing red ceilings and walls by Denis Montel of RDAI.

The rooms are chic and luxurious, the public spaces darkly comforting, and the bar and restaurant a rich red ‘other world’ of sensory experiences.


Further Information:

Place: Le Bains Hotel, Le Bains Facebook Page

Designer: Vincent BastieRDAI and Tristan Auer

Photographer: Paul Raeside and  Guillame Grasset

Map: Le Bain Hotel Map








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