Amsterdam: Chanel Store (Netherlands)

Chanel Store (Crystal Houses)

96, P.C. Hooftstraat 94, 1071 CA Amsterdam

MVRDV (2015-16)

Chanel Store, Amsterdam by MVRDV 01

MVRDV (with a whole collaborative team) have created a new technology for glass construction to realise the design for their new ‘Crystal Houses’ flagship store project in Amsterdam. The entire building was demolished and built again using contemporary construction methods with a large section of the historic facade’s brickwork replaced with  glass bricks, glass window frames and glass architraves. The idea was to explore a way of creating contemporary flagship stores in Amsterdam without destroying the heritage character of the area and the result appears to be rather spectacular.

The project, conceptualised by MVRDV, was developed and constructed as part of a multi-team collaboration including Gietermans & Van Dijk Architects, Delft University of Technology, Brouwer & Kok engineers, ABT consulting engineers, Poesia (brand of Vetreria Resanese) glass manufacturers from Venice, Italy and contractor Wessels Zeist.

Chanel Store, Amsterdam by MVRDV 05


Further Information:

Place: Chanel Store

Architect: MVRDV news + MVRDV project

Photographer: Daria Scagliola and Stijn Brakkee

Review: Dezeen (20 April 2016) + Dezeen Movie (9 May 2016)

Map: Chanel Store Map








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