Copenhagen: Room 606, SAS House (Denmark)

Room 606, SAS House

Hammerichsgade 1, 1611 København, Denmark

Arne Jacobsen (1958-60)

Arne Jacobsen designed the SAS House, a high-rise hotel with 275 rooms and airline terminal in Copenhagen for the Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS). It opened in 1960.

SAS House, Room 606, Copenhagen 01_Aage Stuwing Photo

Jacobsen believed in a total design approach where everything – exterior, interior, furniture, finishes and fittings – were all designed as a ‘complete environment’.

SAS House, Room 606, Copenhagen 02_Arne Jacobsen Photo
Original Arne Jacobsen slide showing interior soon after opening in 1960.

Over the years, the building slowly lost the character and detail of Jacobsen’s design. While it is still a hotel with airline offices, and the exterior retains its original character, the interiors have been completely stripped of the original Jacobsen design, having been totally redesigned and refitted numerous times over the years.

Except for one room – Room 606. This room has been preserved and restored and now maintained with the original design, its character, furniture, fittings, fabrics and finishes reflecting Jacobsen’s intent and the quality that all the rooms, and the building as a whole, once embodied.

SAS House, Room 606, Copenhagen 03_Paul Warchol Photo

The room is available to be booked and stayed in, like any other, in the Radison Blu Royal Hotel, Copenhagen, as it is now known – look for the Arne Jacobsen Package.

SAS House, Room 606, Copenhagen 11_Arne Jacobsen sketch plans
Arne Jacobsen sketch plans

Jacobsen designed the rooms to bring the sky in – the blue-green palette on the walls heightens this effect, with the room then anchored by timber panelling up to window sill level. Furniture and fittings (this is where the Swan and Egg chairs came from) all designed by Arne Jacobsen complete the composition.

You can read a more detailed story in Icon Magazine. There is also a fantastic book published by Phaidon titled ‘ROOM 606‘ that chronicles the history of the project showing design drawings, construction images and images of the newly renovated room (some of which have been used in this post).


Further Information:

Place: Radison Blue Royal Hotel (formerly SAS House) – look for the Arne Jacobsen package

Architect: Arne Jacobsen

Photographer: Paul Warchol, Arne Jacobsen, Aage Stuwing

Review: ICON Magazine (28.07.2011)Phaidon: Room 606Room 606 Book

Map: Radison Blu Royal Hotel Map








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