New York: Longchamp Soho (USA)

Longchamp Soho Flagship Store

132 Spring St, New York, NY 10012, United States

Heatherwick Studio (2004-06)


Longchamp Store by Heatherwick Studio 07

In 2006 Heatherwick Studio completed an interior for a new Longchamp flagship store in Soho, New York. However, the bulk of the new store was located on the first floor of the building with only a small entry area at street level. The design concept was to create an element that ‘flowed’ from the ground up to the first floor store and the new roof level function area, so people would move naturally up from the street entry. That flowing element manifested itself as an artistic series of ribbons that turned into stairs as well as less conventional places for display. The entire design was constructed from 60 tonnes of welded steel plate, inlaid with rubber. The balustrades were made of heated and slumped PETG polymer making each one a unique piece to complement the undulating stair. Overall this is an inspired solution.


Further Information:

Place: Longchamp Soho Flagship Store

Designer: Heatherwick Studio

Photographer: Nikolas Koenig Adrian Wilson and Heatherwick Studio.

Review: New York Times (4 June 2006)

Map: Longchamp Store Map








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