Bargino: Antinori Winery (Italy)

Antinori Winery

Via Cassia per Siena, 133, 50026 Loc. Bargino, San Casciano in Val di pesa FI, Italy (near Florence)

Archea Associati (2004-13)

Antinori Winery by Archea Associati 05

The Antinori family has produced wines for centuries. When they wanted a new factory they engaged some local engineers, asking local architects Archea to then create a new facade for that building. The architects presented a convincing argument that something appropriate and engaged with the site was a better way to approach the project. Despite time, cost and construction issues the owners followed through with the project and now have a facility that not only produces and houses their wine, but also one that has drawn a great number of visitors from all around the world.

The building is inserted into the landscape, with vineyards growing over the roof, almost disappearing from view until you approach for a visit. This is where the design, detail and materiality of the architecture and interiors truly shines. Dark and earth-like spaces lead from the carpark to the cellars, then visitors can rise up through public spaces via sinuous staircases until eventually reaching the restaurant on the roof.

You can read a very good review by Michael Kimmelman in the New York Times.



Antinori Winery by Archea Associati_169.65_Level_Plan


Further Information:

Place: Antinori Winery

Architect: Archea Associati

Photographer: Pietro Savorelli and Leonardo Finotti

Review: New York Times (26 Aug 2013)

Map: Cantina Antinori Map








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